Isak Sjökvist and #YellowSquad reunite for 2024 RX2e title-fight

Swedish driver Isak Sjökvist has re-signed with #YellowSquad for the 2024 FIA European RX2e Championship. Following a nail-biting season last year, in which Sjökvist finished a close runner-up, both team and driver are committed to reaching that coveted spot at the top of the RX2e leaderboard.

This season marks three years since Sjökvist made the switch to rallycross, taking on the Supercar Lites division of RallyX Nordic in 2021. That same year marked the Swede’s RX2e debut, claiming a home podium in Höljes at his maiden event.

With three seasons of the all-electric single-specification category under his belt, the now 22-year-old has become one of the front-runners, scoring more RX2e podiums than any other driver. In his first full campaign in 2022, Sjökvist finished on the podium in four of the five rounds, claiming a maiden victory in the final round in Barcelona and securing the runner-up position in the championship standings.

2023 saw Sjökvist kickstart his first year in #YellowSquad colours with a win in Hell, Norway, making it back-to-back victories in a Zeroid X1 machine. Two more podium finishes in Höljes and Estering, Germany, placed the Swede second in the standings once more, just seven points adrift of the trophy.

Sjökvist‘s experience is reinforced by the expertise of Hansen Motorsport’s junior team and the lessons learned during their first championship battle together, putting #YellowSquad and Sjökvist in a strong position for the FIA RX2e title this season.

Hansen Motorsport’s commitment to RX2e supports its vision for a more sustainable future. The Hansen outfit enters its third season running all-electric cars in the FIA World Rallycross Championship and will be adding further #YellowSquad drivers to its electric racing roster this year.

#YellowSquad notably claimed the RX2 International Series crown in 2020, alongside wins in NRX NEXT and success in the European Rallycross Championship and RallyX Nordic in Supercar. This week sees Sjökvist taking on the opening event of the 2024 RallyX Nordic season, taking to the track for a double-header at the Tierp Arena in Sweden (10-11 May) in preparation for his RX2e campaign.

For 2024, the FIA RX2e championship kicks off its calendar in Essay, France (8-9 June) before supporting the FIA World Rallycross Championship across its four European rounds, in Sweden, Hungary, Belgium, and Portugal.

Isak Sjökvist said: “I’m super excited that I’ve signed for another year with #YellowSquad. We are making great progress and I know we have what it takes to reach our goals together.

“It’s an honour to get this opportunity once again and encouraging for me that they have the trust in me. I would also like to take a moment to thank all my partners, including the Hansen family and my own, and everyone else that is giving me this opportunity.

“We’re starting up this year’s programme by taking on the first two rounds of RallyX Nordic on home soil, which feels exciting and a great run-through until the RX2e season begins. You could call it the best possible warmup!”

Eric Färén, #YellowSquad Team Principal, said: “We’re excited to do another year with Isak. I think from the beginning last year it felt like a perfect fit. We were all working well together and having a lot of fun.

“Of course, it feels a bit like unfinished business. We have long term goals, but we want to win the RX2e championship so that is what we’ll be pushing for this year. I know Isak has been working hard over the winter and we will try to be as prepared as we can to give him all the tools that he needs to get the title.”


Before the #YellowSquad 2024 calendar gets underway, we spoke to Catie Munnings about all things RX2e from the 2023 championship.

#YellowSquad: What made you want to get involved in the RX2e championship?

Catie Munnings: I have always been such a massive fan of WRX, and the excitement of wheel-to-wheel racing like this. To get the chance to race in RX2e, a championship for drivers as an entry-level into WRX, was amazing. I had started training in crosskarts with Timmy Hansen in Sweden and the conversation started to try to put together a deal for RX2E.

#YS: What was the biggest highlight of your 2023 RX2e season?

Catie: I had a couple of Heat wins in 2023, which I was really happy with. The competition is incredibly high in this championship, with a lot of drivers returning year after year. It’s not an easy car to set up, with lots of options with the electric powertrain it takes a while to find your driving style, so to hold my own against drivers with more experience was a big highlight.

#YS: You are one of the few female drivers to have raced under the Hansen umbrella. Do you think about that sort of thing as your career develops?

Catie: Susann is obviously a massive role model to me, and I think I was the first female to race with the Hansens since she was driving, so that was also a big deal! One thing I love about that family is how they just see drivers as drivers, having worked with Timmy for years in Extreme E, I know how he supports and believes in me, and doesn’t see a difference because I am a girl, and he is a guy. He always just works with driver potential and moving forward, and the whole family are like that. 

#YS: What was it like racing for #YellowSquad with the support of Hansen Motorsport? How important was their help and advice last year?

Catie: It was massive, they have so much experience on and off track – there are always such golden pieces of information you get from just having a chat with Kenneth. They have taught me so much about race tactics, how to follow on the bumper, the first corner, and resilient mindset in racing – it’s so addictive! When you see results start to improve with their advice you just want more of it. 

Working with Erik Faren was also a massive highlight for me. I remember he was my spotter, and we won a Heat on the radio with his joker strategy, keeping one of the fastest guys behind – it felt like he was in the car with me, saying the right things at the perfect time – it was awesome. 

#YS: It was not just you that raced for #YellowSquad in 2023, but also Molly Taylor. With two women driving for the team in one year, is that a sign of increasing opportunity for female talent?

Catie: I think championships like Extreme E have created a platform where we can see the female talent compared to the fastest guys in the world. This has been massive in providing exposure that leads to opportunity and sponsorship for girls in other championships like RX2E, which is fantastic. 

#YS: What did you learn from the 2023 season that you’ll be taking into 2024?

Catie: I learned lots about side-by-side racing, how to adapt to different surfaces, and how to cope with the mental pressure of close-proximity racing – I can’t wait to put everything into practice in all of my racing moving forward.

Molly Taylor looks back on her first RX2e campaign with #YellowSquad

Following a strong 2023, we caught up with Molly Taylor during the off-season. In light of her fantastic maiden campaign in RX2e, we wanted to find out more about the Australian and what it was like working with #YellowSquad.

#YellowSquad: What made you want to get involved in the RX2e championship?

Molly Taylor: I’ve always followed rallycross, but since being involved with Extreme E I’ve been able to get to know the legends of the sport, and through Veloce and the Hansen’s I was given the opportunity to give it a go myself. I remember spectating in Höljes in about 2013 and I was completely blown away when I saw it up close. It only took 10 years from that point to finally get behind the wheel!

#YS: What was the biggest highlight of your 2023 RX2e season?

Molly: It was a real baptism of fire, so I feel like I learnt and improved so much, but only really got a small taste of what is possible. Taking the lead off the start in the wet in Mettet was cool, but I think driving the Estering track was probably the biggest buzz.

#YS: You are one of the few female drivers to have raced under the Hansen umbrella. Was that something on your mind as you were competing?

Molly: To me, as with most of the other female drivers, we are there because we want to be a driver and compete at the top. So, on one hand, I don’t think about it when it comes down to business. However, on the other hand, having someone like Susann Hansen as a mentor is incredibly special. She is such a trailblazer and knows what it takes to succeed and all the dynamics at play. I really value that. I think visibility is also important to inspire more young girls at a grassroots level.

#YS: What was it like racing for #YellowSquad with the support of Hansen Motorsport? How important was their help and advice last year?

Molly: It’s a huge asset to be part of a crew with so much experience and success. Especially when you are so new to the discipline, you are just a sponge trying to soak up everything you can. The experience, and also the attitude and positivity of the team, is not only valuable from a performance perspective, but also just great to be around. I think we sometimes underestimate how important that is.

#YS: It was not just you who raced for #YellowSquad in 2023, but also Catie Munnings. With two women driving for the team in one year, is that a sign of increasing opportunity for female talent?

Molly: I think there are definitely more opportunities coming up, largely because of Extreme E. They have shown that given the opportunity and support to develop, we can compete in equal arenas.

#YS: What did you learn from the 2023 season that you’ll be taking into 2024?

Molly: The amount I learnt from just two events was next level. So, there’s about a book of learnings I will take into 2024! But probably the biggest learnings came from the race craft side of things and experiencing more side-by-side racing.

Isak Sjökvist reflects on his 2023 season with #YellowSquad

After a dramatic season, claiming yet another runner-up spot in the RX2e championship, we caught up with #YellowSquad star Isak Sjökvist as he reflects on an amazing first year with the team.

#YellowSquad: You finished a strong second in the 2022 RX2e season. How were you feeling coming into 2023?

Isak Sjökvist: After a strong end to the 2022 season with my win in Barcelona, it felt like a dream come true even to get the question from the Hansen family if I had the interest to join their junior team – aka #Yellowsquad.

I honestly felt that I was floating on the clouds as it was a huge milestone reached in my career. Even if the decision came at a late time because of several circumstances, it was a chance I could not miss. I saw this opportunity in the right direction, and I was eager to put down all the hard work and tried the best I could, together with this super team!

#YS: You had a perfect start to the campaign with that win in Norway. Talk us through that weekend.

Isak: Hell, Norway, was some extraordinary stuff. You know, drivers sometimes describe that feeling of being right in the zone and I was just that throughout the whole weekend. I felt untouchable to be honest. Then to win the first race of the season was absolutely the icing on the cake.

#YS: After a difficult Qualifying in Höljes, you managed to get on the podium once again with third place. How much did mental strength come into play for you this season?

Isak: I think I have ever felt as exhausted mentally after race weekends as I did this year, especially after Rounds 3 and 4. I was surprised by how much power I had whenever I needed to push my mental boundaries. I would say that mental strength always plays a big role in our sport, but this season really tested me in many different ways.

#YS: Lydden Hill and Mettet didn’t reflect the form you were in this year, but you pushed hard to stay in the championship fight. How was the support from the #YellowSquad team during those tougher weekends, and the whole season?

Isak: Without this incredible team and its members, this year’s result would just have been a dream. What we achieved this year just shows how talented and capable this group of people is. They sacrificed all they could and really showed that everything is possible, you just need to believe it!

#YS: You had the opportunity to work with both Catie Munnings and Molly Taylor this year. How was it having them in the team and were you able to help each other to progress?

Isak: It was a pleasure to be working together with these two incredible great drivers and I believe that we helped each other to push our own boundaries in every possible way. I think we shared our experiences in the best way and gave ourselves new tools to work with to increase our driving skills. I would really like to have them both in the team again as they both brought something special and were one of the best teammates I’ve had.

#YS: You went out swinging with another third-place finish in the final round at Estering, having out-qualified your closest rivals. What was going through your head in that Final?

Isak: The Final at Estering is a bit of a blur to be honest. The first start felt horrible, so it was a bit of a relief to get the restart, even if one driver missed out on the Final.

The second start felt much better and when I saw my chance to overtake [Tommi] Hallman in the first corner everything went in slow motion. It was much more slippery than in the Semi-Finals and that made the move not the most efficient one I’ve made. Then, the rest of the Final was like a hard workout where you push yourself to the red zone limit. Devastated was just the beginning of the emotions I felt after the Final.

#YS: What have you learnt from the 2023 season that you’ll be taking into 2024?

Isak: Now a time afterwards, I feel that I actually did everything I could in Estering and I’m pleased to feel that it was “here” were I become a real rallycross driver. For sure, second place is the first loser, but I see this as the best result possible when you look at the bigger picture. This season had its ups and lows for sure, but I’ve reconciled with that and I’m excited to do everything I can for an ever better result in the future.

#YellowSquad and Sjökvist claim RX2e silver medal at Estering finale

Swedish talent Isak Sjökvist and the #YellowSquad team entered the FIA RX2e series finale at the legendary Estering in a three-way fight for the all-electric FIA World Rallycross Championship support category title, and with a brilliant performance came within meters of claiming the crown.

Third in the series standings entering the event at the Buxtehude circuit, Sjökvist delivered a strong performance throughout the weekend, consistently inside the top three positions in the heats despite never even having tested at Estering, to qualify second in the Ranking classification after four heats, crucially ahead of the championship leader.

Victory in the semi-finals ahead of two World RX regulars set Sjökvist up for a title show-down in the final, but having made a good start, a brave outside manoeuvre in the infamous first corner didn’t pay off and Sjökvist ran third throughout the race. Matching the pace of the leading pair from start to finish, Sjökvist just missed out on the championship title, but took home the silver medal.

In the sister #YellowSquad machine, Australian rally and Extreme E star Molly Taylor returned to RX2e for a second event in a row supported by E.ON and Veloce, and once again improved with every outing on track. However, contact from other cars meant she was forced into the wall in Heat 3, putting her out of the race altogether, and again in the semi-finals, where she was removed from contention for qualifying for the final and her results didn’t reflect her performance.

Sjökvist said: “I am quite devastated to lose the championship but we are all fighting to become the best drivers we can and I tried to pull out everything I had this weekend and enjoy every second. It felt great throughout the whole weekend, the competitiveness is so, so high in RX2e, and it’s always the small margins that make a big difference.

“In the semi-final I actually drove away from Niclas Grönholm (World RX driver) and tried to get the best spot possible for the final, but Tommi Hallman did a great job on the inside of the grid in the final. I tried going around the outside but it didn’t come off. Nils (Andersson) deserves the championship. It’s been a pleasure to race him this year but I’m hungry for more and they’d better be prepared because I’m coming back to get them.”

Taylor said: “It’s been both a really positive and also a frustrating weekend. Overall we’ve made great progress in terms of pace, so I’m really happy to have been able to fight on that side. In terms of the races, today has been a bit of carnage, being turned into the wall twice, so its frustrating to miss some track time and not be able to convert the speed I know we have. But this programme has been all about learning and I can safely say I’ve done a lot of that!

“I’m really grateful to E.ON, Veloce, #YellowSquad, Kevin (Hansen) and Isak for making this possible. Rallycross is such a different world, so it’s been cool to get an insight into what it’s all about and I hope this is just the beginning of my time here.”

Färén added: “We came here with a single goal for Isak and he drove very well. Unfortunately it only just wasn’t enough to take the championship title. Of course, we are disappointed not to win, but we can be proud of our performance this weekend. We did what we could and we drove a fair race.

“Thanks to a positive test in Sweden between Belgium and Germany, our drivers came here with a positive mindset and really had good performances here.

“Molly is improving all the time in this new environment, and Isak was a different driver to Belgium. He should be proud of his weekend. I hope we can continue to work with both Molly and Isak in the future.”

Sjökvist and Taylor embark on RX2e finale in Germany with firm targets

Five points. That’s all that separates the top three drivers in the FIA RX2e series, the all-electric support category to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. This weekend in Germany, #YellowSquad driver Isak Sjökvist will battle to claim the prestigious crown.

The second-oldest rallycross venue on the schedule after Lydden Hill earlier this year, Estering returns to top-flight rallycross for the first time since 2019 this weekend. Having won round one in Norway, and with 23 points up for grabs this weekend, Sjökvist targets nothing other than delivering a strong performance with sights on the RX2e crown in Germany, currently lying third in the standings.

Meanwhile, former Australian Rally Champion and Extreme E driver Molly Taylor joins #YellowSquad for a second successive event supported by Veloce and E.ON. The Australian aims to build on her learnings from a challenging event in Belgium a fortnight ago, where extreme track conditions made learning the competitive category no more easy.

Located outside Buxtehude in Northern Germany, the historic Estering venue can play to both #YellowSquad drivers’ strengths this weekend and both are more than capable of challenging for strong results.

Sitting within a natural amphitheatre, Estering’s layout, especially the first corner, is legendary, and set to provide plenty of frantic side-by-side action when racing gets underway on Saturday morning.

Sjökvist said: “This will be a hard fight between me and my fellow Swedes for the RX2e title. It’s a very tight battle with a lot to play for. I will give everything I can, driving with my whole heart and passion, and see where it takes us.

“I have done everything I can in preparation for this race with physical, mental, and driver training. Now we need to put the pieces of the puzzle together and hopefully we can pull out a strong result to climb onto the top step. I am the one hunting and the guys in front are very fast too. It is such a competitive championship so hopefully we have a good weekend. It is for sure that we will leave nothing on the table.”

Taylor said: “I’m really excited to be back out again so soon. Belgium was a huge learning experience and the tricky conditions made it even more valuable from that point of view. I’m still at the beginning of my rallycross journey and I can’t wait to keep building on that momentum in Germany. Every kilometer is getting better and better so I just want to get stuck back into it.”

Färén added: “l would be lying if I said we were not focused on fighting to win the championship this weekend. That’s why we do what we do. We have worked hard with Isak to give him every chance we can. It’s very tight at the top and RX2e is very competitive, but Isak has proved what he can do already this year, the points gap is small, and anything can happen.

“For Molly, having an event under her belt will be valuable and I’m sure that will help her this weekend. We will work to help her climb the results list at a track that is very different to Mettet two weeks ago.”

Sjökvist remains in RX2e title-contention after Belgian weekend

Swedish ace Isak Sjökvist remains in contention for the FIA RX2e Championship title following an extremely challenging penultimate round of the series at Mettet in Belgium.

International rallycross returned to the Wallonia-based venue for the first time since 2018 last weekend, where drivers from the FIA World Rallycross Championship who were unable to compete in the top category also made guest appearances in the RX2e division.

RX2e title-contender Sjökvist, from Sweden, and latest #YellowSquad signing Molly Taylor, from Australia, faced some of the most challenging track conditions witnessed in any World RX event in years, with the wet weather, loose-surface sections, and large kerbs providing the biggest challenges.

Working hard as a team to progress every time on track, both drivers increased their pace and performances throughout the weekend and challenged for the lead of Qualifying races on track, but unfortunately mitigating circumstances meant neither driver made it through the Semi-Final stages into the Final.

Sjökvist now lies third in the championship standings, just five points off the lead with one round remaining and 23 points up for grabs. #YellowSquad is now fully focused on the final round at Estering, Germany, next weekend (August 19-20).

Isak Sjökvist said: “The result was not what I expected from the weekend. I’m feeling a bit empty right now as I didn’t get the result I was aiming for, but I am only five points behind the lead in the championship and there is still a load of points to gain.

“I will work really hard in the days between now and the next race in Germany to be more prepared than ever to do the best I can. I just need to drive with passion and focus on what we need to do. Nevertheless it was an amazing experience to drive against the World RX drivers this weekend and to see what is possible with these cars. There are always positives you can take from a race. I learnt from the World RX drivers this weekend and that will help me for the upcoming challenge at the final round in Germany. We just need to go flat out.”

Molly Taylor said: “The track at Mettet has such mixed surfaces so there was a lot for me to manage while figuring out the driving style and the head-to-head racing involved in rallycross. I feel I was progressing in every session which is all I can really ask for in my first rallycross experience.

“The overall result represents mixed fortunes but I enjoyed leading some laps and learning how to make the most of the action around me. I have come away with heaps of experience. I’m part of a great team, benefitting from the guidance of fantastic drivers and engineers, and I’m really grateful to E.ON, #YellowSquad and Veloce for this opportunity.”

Eric Färén said: “It wasn’t the easiest weekend for us. Isak spent a lot of time battling in traffic and it wasn’t easy for him to find the pace he needed, but he made some big steps forward on Sunday, and I think he learned a lot.

“It was brilliant to have Molly in the team for the first time. She made progress every time she went on track in a really difficult weekend for even the most experienced drivers because of the conditions. We are now fully focused on the final round with both drivers, where we are targeting nothing but finishing the season on a high.”

#YellowSquad signs Molly Taylor for Belgian and German RX2e rounds

Former Extreme E Champion and Australian Rally title-winner Molly Taylor has signed with #YellowSquad to compete in the remaining rounds of the FIA RX2e series in Belgium and Germany.

Taylor claimed the Australian Rally Championship title in 2016, making history as not only the first female to claim the crown, but then as the youngest ever champion. She later claimed the inaugural Extreme E Championship title in 2021. Today, she is team-mate to #YellowSquad founder Kevin Hansen in the Veloce Racing Extreme E outfit.

Together, Hansen and Taylor have claimed a pair of victories so far in Season 3 of Extreme E, at the season-opening Desert X Prix (Saudi Arabia) and the Hydro X Prix (Scotland), and are in the thick of the title fight.

Taylor joins #YellowSquad for her rallycross debut this weekend at Mettet in Belgium (August 5-6), supported by Veloce and E.ON. Competing in a field stacked full of talented drivers racing the single-specification RX2e machine, Taylor’s car is adorned with a striking new livery, as she lines up alongside title-contender Isak Sjökvist in the team.

She will also compete in the final round of the campaign at Estering, Germany (August 19-20).

Molly Taylor said: “I’m really excited to join RX2e for these two events. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m very grateful to E.ON and Veloce for making this possible.

“Rallycross is something completely new to me, so I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge, learning and developing as quickly as possible. Running with #YellowSquad I know I have the right people around me and I can’t wait to get started.”

Eric Färén said: “Molly is a talented driver who has many times proved her credentials in rallying and more recently Extreme E, so it will be really interesting for us to work with her as she transitions into a different discipline.

“The Belgian and German circuits are both quite different in characteristics so it will certainly help with her learning in rallycross and RX2e, which as we know is a very competitive field. Hardly any of the RX2e drivers have good experience of racing at either circuit, so that should hopefully play to our advantage and we will work hard to help Molly get up to speed as fast as possible.”

Onwards and upwards for #YellowSquad after Semi-Final setbacks

#YellowSquad driver Isak Sjökvist entered the third round of the FIA RX2e series at Lydden Hill, UK, leading the standings and left the event just one point behind the series leader, but the points tally far from told the whole story.

Racing at the birthplace of rallycross, the two-car #YellowSquad team worked to build pace through the opening day of the event, Sjökvist setting the fourth best time in torrential conditions on Saturday afternoon in Heat 2.

Fifth and third in the remaining heats on Sunday displayed an improvement in pace, but unfortunate first corner contact in the semi-final broke the car’s rear suspension, putting Sjökvist out of final contention.

In the sister RX2e machine, Catie Munnings also improved her pace throughout the qualifying stages. Thanks to a round-the-outside move at the opening corner, Munnings ran third for most of her semi-final race, holding a margin good enough to progress to the final for the first time in 2023.

However, not for the first time this season, she was hit by bad luck, as a puncture while entering the compulsory joker lap section ended her chances of making the final.

Sjökvist is now third in the standings, one point off the lead, while Munnings holds ninth position. The fourth round of RX2e will take place at Mettet in Belgium on August 5-6.

Isak Sjökvist said: “Unfortunately, we didn’t get the result we expected this weekend. We tried our best, we had good pace and we put everything into it but it was not to be. The position in the championship is still strong despite the disappointment of what we must call a racing incident in the semi-final, so there is still everything to play for. We need to get our horns out in the next races.”

Catie Munnings said: “We were so close today. We were running P3 in the semi-final from P4 on the grid so I’d had to go around the outside. We were building a gap and we had the margin to take the joker and get out in front to make it into the final, but entering the joker I got a puncture on the front-left so there was nothing I could do. It’s so disappointing not to be in my first final in RX2e at my home event, but taking the positives from the weekend we had some great pace and hopefully we will be back for more.”

Eric Färén said: “We started the weekend a bit on the back foot, but we worked hard to get back on pace and things were looking very good today, until bad luck in the semi-finals for both drivers.

“For Isak, some unlucky contact in the first corner broke the suspension and the race was over. Catie had a really great run in the semi-final and was again clearly on her way to a place in the final, when a sudden puncture ended the day. Once again, thanks to the whole team who did a great job. We keep our heads high and take many positives with us to the next races!”

Munnings set to continue 2023 RX2e campaign with #YellowSquad at Lydden Hill

British driver Catie Munnings will continue her 2023 campaign in the FIA RX2e series, the official all-electric support category to the FIA World Rallycross Championship, this weekend at Lydden Hill.

Having raced with #YellowSquad in the opening two rounds of the season in Norway and Sweden, Munnings has secured a deal to race in her home round of the campaign. Driving alongside team-mate Isak Sjökvist in the season so far, Munnings has improved with every outing, winning heat races in both Norway and Sweden, and impressing with a series of fast starts.

In the ultra-competitive field of single-specification RX2e machinery, having only just missed out on a final appearance in the opening two rounds, mainly due to circumstances outside her control in the semi-final stages, Munnings will enter her home round targeting at least a final start, on the back of scoring a sixth Extreme E career podium in Sardinia recently.

The FIA World Rallycross Championship package returns to Lydden Hill for the first time since 2017 this weekend, the circuit where rallycross was created in 1967. The circuit has evolved over the years, most recently with a new-look wider gravel opening corner and jump immediately afterwards. Munnings has raced at the venue previously, in a production-based Suzuki Swift, but like most of the field in RX2e, not on the recently revised layout.

Munnings currently lies ninth in the 2023 RX2e standings, while team-mate Sjökvist leads the points’ table.

Catie Munnings said: “I’m very happy to have made it happen to get to Lydden Hill for round three of RX2e. It’s been very last minute and I’m very grateful to everyone that has been involved in putting this together. Again #YellowSquad has been fantastic and I’m really excited to continue our story together.

“As Kenneth Hansen would say, it’s important to keep the ball rolling. It’s important for me as a driver to get some consistent seat time in a car that I know and in a championship and discipline I’m still learning. Rallycross is still really new to me but I’m enjoying every moment and the progress we’re making is great.

“I’m excited to enter my home race. It’s a big one for me to compete at and hopefully we can have a really great weekend there in front of the home crowd.”

Eric Färén said: “We are all delighted that Catie will continue with us for the Lydden Hill event. Not only has she done a really good job so far in Norway and Sweden, but I know very well from my own experience that every driver wants to compete in their home round of the World Championship.

“It will be a special one for Catie I’m sure, but like with all drivers once she is in race mode the target will be the same as any other race weekend. She and Isak have been working really well together this season. We didn’t feel things fell our way in Sweden last time out, but we are working as hard as possible to help both drivers get the best result they can as we return to a venue that everybody loves.”

Sjökvist maintains RX2e series lead with home podium at Höljes

Racing in the home round of the FIA RX2e series for both the team and himself, #YellowSquad driver Isak Sjökvist claimed a second successive podium to maintain his points lead.

It was a challenging weekend for the entire single-specification field at one of the discipline’s halo events, the ‘Magic Weekend’ at Höljes, regarded as one of the jewels in the crown of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Second fastest in Heat 1, Sjökvist thereafter battled in traffic, received contact from other cars, and struggled to find clear air. Regardless, he qualified fourth in the Ranking stages, despite heavy rain changing the track conditions significantly for Sunday’s running.

Second in semi-final two elevated Sjökvist to the final, and in a hectic encounter, in which he lay fifth at one stage and was in the thick of the action, the Swede survived final-lap drama to finish third, and maintain the same gap at the head of the points’ table that he had coming into the event.

In the sister RX2e machine from #YellowSquad, Catie Munnings made her second career start at Höljes, and like team-mate Sjökvist spent much of her weekend starting on the outside of the grid. She impressed with a stunning around-the-outside move to climb the order during those qualifying races and consistently improved throughout the weekend in the most difficult conditions, but just missed out on a place in the final.

The third round of RX2e will take place as part of the British FIA World Rallycross Championship event at Lydden Hill on July 22-23.

Isak Sjökvist said: “I had a bit of bad luck in the qualifying heats, then managed to get a P2 in the semi-finals and in the final it was mud everywhere and a bit of chaos. I had a really great run in the final and got a bit held up by other drivers on track. We were P5 for a few moments and there was some contact, but we made it to the podium. I’m satisfied with the result, it’s the best result we could get from this weekend I think. I struggled a bit with my self-confidence but we go to the next race at Lydden Hill with two podiums in our pocket already this season.”

Catie Munnings said: “I had a really challenging weekend at Höljes. We had a full dry, hot tarmac day on Saturday, then Sunday was full wet, but I really enjoyed the experience and there was a lot of good racing through the heats. I was happy to take another heat race win but unfortunately, we missed out on the final. When we took the joker we had the gap to be in the top three, but got stuck in some traffic and couldn’t get through. I ended up P5 after a spin, so it wasn’t the best semi-final but I’m very happy to have experienced such a technical track in the wet and the dry.”

Eric Färén said: It was a tricky weekend with different conditions over the two days. We found ourselves on the outside of the grid a lot, but both drivers made good starts generally and were sometimes able to get ahead, but also got forced wide into the gravel on other occasions. Catie made an amazing move around the outside, and both drivers did really well in every condition. Our pace was good, Isak battled his way through a difficult second day to get onto the podium and maintain the same advantage in the points he had coming here, which will be important in the coming races. I’m proud of our drivers and the whole team, it is a pleasure to work with these great people.


Swedish sensation Isak Sjökvist drove to an empathic victory in the opening round of FIA RX2e at Hell in Norway with #YellowSquad to claim an early championship lead.

Racing in #YellowSquad’s first-ever all-electric RX2e event, Sjökvist was fastest in the opening two Heats of the Norwegian encounter, supporting the FIA World Rallycross Championship, and only lost ground following first corner contact from other cars in Heat 3.

Keeping his cool, the 21-year-old former kart racer took top position in the Ranking stages, then won his Semi-Final from the front, before managing the Final while under pressure throughout to secure a second career RX2e win, and maximum points to hold the championship lead.

Catie Munnings also delivered a strong opening-round performance in the sister #YellowSquad machine, despite a relative lack of rallycross experience compared to many of her rivals.

A first-ever RX2e race win in Heat 3 and third overall time was a strong finish to Saturday’s proceedings and Munnings qualified sixth in the Ranking, in the strong field. However, while showing fast pace in the Semi-Finals to battle for a place in the Final, contact from another car at the joker merge cost Munnings time, putting her out of contention.

The second round of RX2e will take place as part of the Swedish FIA World Rallycross Championship event at Höljes in two weeks (July 1-2).

Isak Sjökvist:

This weekend exceeded our expectations, and it feels really great to pull off such a result so early in the season. There’s still a long way to go. We need to be humble and there is a lot of work to do, but this is a great start to our time together and I’m sure this will help us moving forwards. In the Final the track conditions were very challenging so I took it cautiously and managed the lead. For sure I felt pressure from behind but I kept things together and took the win. The season is long, there are a lot of young talents in this championship, and it is going to be tough, but this weekend has been very good.

Catie Munnings:

I haven’t got much tarmac experience and this weekend was very much like circuit racing, until the gravel started to break up, so it’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn, especially from Isak who has so many years in karting. I’ve really enjoyed working with #YellowSquad and I’m so pleased for the whole team with Isak’s win. Overall I’m very happy with the steps I made through the weekend. The Heat win on Saturday felt great, but it was a shame to get taken out of the Semi-Final and there was nothing I could do from there. The damage was done, we had good pace and I was catching P3 in front which would have put me into the Final but we ran out of laps. On the whole it’s been really good and I’m looking forward to the next race in Holjes.

Eric Färén:

What a weekend! To win our first-ever RX2e event is fantastic and represents a huge effort from the whole team, so the first thing I must do is say thank you to them all. Isak delivered a stunning performance, not just for winning as much as he did, and driving so well in the Final, but for managing the car, and the first corners in the way he did. It was the perfect start to the year. For Catie, her pace was very good and had things gone differently in the Semi-Final she would for sure have been in the Final and challenging for the podium, so we look forward to the next race with her.