Molly Taylor looks back on her first RX2e campaign with #YellowSquad

Following a strong 2023, we caught up with Molly Taylor during the off-season. In light of her fantastic maiden campaign in RX2e, we wanted to find out more about the Australian and what it was like working with #YellowSquad.

#YellowSquad: What made you want to get involved in the RX2e championship?

Molly Taylor: I’ve always followed rallycross, but since being involved with Extreme E I’ve been able to get to know the legends of the sport, and through Veloce and the Hansen’s I was given the opportunity to give it a go myself. I remember spectating in Höljes in about 2013 and I was completely blown away when I saw it up close. It only took 10 years from that point to finally get behind the wheel!

#YS: What was the biggest highlight of your 2023 RX2e season?

Molly: It was a real baptism of fire, so I feel like I learnt and improved so much, but only really got a small taste of what is possible. Taking the lead off the start in the wet in Mettet was cool, but I think driving the Estering track was probably the biggest buzz.

#YS: You are one of the few female drivers to have raced under the Hansen umbrella. Was that something on your mind as you were competing?

Molly: To me, as with most of the other female drivers, we are there because we want to be a driver and compete at the top. So, on one hand, I don’t think about it when it comes down to business. However, on the other hand, having someone like Susann Hansen as a mentor is incredibly special. She is such a trailblazer and knows what it takes to succeed and all the dynamics at play. I really value that. I think visibility is also important to inspire more young girls at a grassroots level.

#YS: What was it like racing for #YellowSquad with the support of Hansen Motorsport? How important was their help and advice last year?

Molly: It’s a huge asset to be part of a crew with so much experience and success. Especially when you are so new to the discipline, you are just a sponge trying to soak up everything you can. The experience, and also the attitude and positivity of the team, is not only valuable from a performance perspective, but also just great to be around. I think we sometimes underestimate how important that is.

#YS: It was not just you who raced for #YellowSquad in 2023, but also Catie Munnings. With two women driving for the team in one year, is that a sign of increasing opportunity for female talent?

Molly: I think there are definitely more opportunities coming up, largely because of Extreme E. They have shown that given the opportunity and support to develop, we can compete in equal arenas.

#YS: What did you learn from the 2023 season that you’ll be taking into 2024?

Molly: The amount I learnt from just two events was next level. So, there’s about a book of learnings I will take into 2024! But probably the biggest learnings came from the race craft side of things and experiencing more side-by-side racing.

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