#YellowSquad launches RX2 squad with Team Färén

Kevin and Timmy Hansen have joined forces with experienced junior outfit Team Färén to field a #YellowSquad entry in the 2020 RX2 season

Kevin and Timmy Hansen will take their #YellowSquad development programme to the next level in 2020, by entering the team in RX2: the feeder series for the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Together they will form a partnership with former RX driver Eric Färén and his Team Färén outfit, which will oversee the operational element of the team.

Team Färén, which has managed RX2 event winners in the past, will add the experience of Kevin and Timmy to present a complete package for young drivers to succeed and be prepared for their next steps towards World RX.

#YellowSquad will provide valuable assistance to the team’s young drivers, covering everything from driving development, physical training, working with partners and the media as well as fine tuning the skills needed to win races and championships.

This is the latest evolution in the life of #YellowSquad: in February this year, Kevin and Timmy formed the team with the aim of discovering the next generation of rallycross stars.

They fielded teenage sensation Julius Lungdahl in the CrossCar category of RallyX Nordic, with Ljungdahl taking one event win and fourth in the final standings.

#YellowSquad’s RX2 project is the second stage of Kevin and Timmy’s driver development programme, which aims to take young rallycross hopefuls all the way up the career ladder, eventually leading to a full World RX drive.



Kevin Hansen

Kevin Hansen

Team Principal

“Part of what makes #YellowSquad so important to us is the fact we are investing so much towards getting young drivers into rallycross, which this expansion will allow us to do. Everyone in the Hansen family loves rallycross, so to be able to create a ladder for drivers to move up into RX2 and then Supercars – whether this is in World RX or Euro RX, or even Titans RX – makes us really proud.”

Timmy Hansen

Timmy Hansen

Head of Driver Development

“In my career I was lucky to grow up in a family that lives and breathes rallycross, and in my parents Kenneth and Susann, I had two great teachers! But not everyone has a multiple rallycross champion in the family, so I was keen to work with Kevin in finding and developing the next generation of rallycross talent ourselves, using all the lessons I have learned from my years in European and World RX. There are so many elements that go into being a great rallycross driver beyond what happens in the driver’s seat, and I will be working with the #YellowSquad drivers as much away from the car as in it.”

Eric Färén

Eric Färén

Team Manager

“Like Kevin and Timmy have said, their expertise is helping the drivers and that will be their focus, while I take care of the operations of the team. By focusing on the areas we are each best at, we have a better package for everyone next year. RX2 for me is the best place for drivers to start: the cars are all the same and I would say 90% of the result is down to the driver, so it’s easy to see who the best driver is. RX2 cars are built so that you learn all you need to be good in a Supercar, so that’s why you need to have a good team, to understand the setup and to have a good car. A lot of World RX drivers have come from RX2 and I feel like it’s the last step before a driver is ready for World RX, so it fits perfectly into #YellowSquad’s development ladder.”


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