Megennis makes the move in RallyX in Höljes 2022

Megennis and #YellowSquad embark on Nitro RX Europe Campaign

Lydden Hill, United Kingdom, June 16 2022

#YellowSquad and rising American rallycross star George Megennis embark on a new venture in the Nitro Rallycross Championship this weekend for the first round of the 2022 season at Lydden Hill.

Megennis impressed the rallycross world with his debut season performance in the NRX NEXT category last year in America. Now as Nitro RX expands into Europe and further afield for 2022, together with #YellowSquad the 17-year-old New York native is committed to racing in the three-round Nitro RX Europe series at Lydden Hill (UK), Strangnas (Sweden) and Kymiring (Finland).

George Megennis digging deep.

To prepare for the campaign, Megennis recently competed in the opening weekend of the Nordic-based RallyX season at Holjes. He challenged the more experienced Scandinavia-circuit specialists at the front of the field.

Now he heads to the venue where rallycross was first born in 1967, British circuit Lydden Hill. It has been revised for the Nitro RX weekend to include a banked corner, large jump and re-located joker lap.

Following the European season, Nitro RX and the NRX NEXT category move to America, a programme Megennis and the #YellowSquad team are working towards participating in.

Megennis waiting in pre-grid

George Megennis



“I feel fantastic, I’m very excited to get out there and send it again. The track looks fantastic and the changes they’ve made are great so the racing should be awesome! I learned a lot at the RallyX race in Sweden from a race craft perspective and the more seat time I get the faster I’ll become!! I’m so hyped to race at this legendary track where rallycross all started!”








Eric Färén



“I’m so glad to have George continue with us in Nitro Rallycross. After the great debut season we had last year, I feel like will be even stronger and better this year. With a season of experience, George showed everyone at the “warm up” we had at RallyX in Holjes that the speed is there. And with Nitro coming to Europe and the iconic Lydden Hill, there’s a lot of excitement going into this weekend. We can’t wait!”

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